We specialize in open source solutions working hand in hand with our customers. Our goal is to help those who choose us to achieve their business objectives by providing consulting, expertise and productive support.

A custom software project generates a very favorable impact on the organization as it can be built according to the exact needs of those who require it.

The development of custom software is born as a result of the need to solve a very particular problem of your company, either because you want to have a competitive advantage over your competitors or simply because there is no standard solution in the market that suits your needs.

Zennovia provides total flexibility in the development of customized software. The process is essentially “customer oriented”.

We dedicate the necessary time to listen to our customers in order to get a clear and complete understanding of their business, objectives, problems, culture and users. Once all the needs of the parties are understood, we can offer a custom-made integral solution.

We develop different types of software with multiple programming languages, such as internal applications or with connection to external databases, commercial management software, administrative control platforms, etc.

Those who choose our services, regardless of their geographic location, are provided with a top quality IT service at a highly competitive cost.

Some of our developments

There is a growing generation of entrepreneurs who are opening their own companies, giving birth to Startups.

A Startup is a “temporary organization” that will cease to be a Startup once it succeeds in establishing a sustainable, profitable and scalable business model.

In Zennovia we help to achieve the image and infrastructure that business portals need to get to the market and keep up with their competitors. To accomplish this, it is essential to use agile development methodologies and flexible designs where the detail gradually emerges throughout the process of building the portal.

Building a Startup Online requires both design work as well as development and technical architecture, raising a team working together with the client in order to obtain the expected end result.

Some of our developments

With the advancement of mobile technologies, nowadays it is very important to have mobile applications that enhance the growth of your business and also provide greater efficiency in the functionalities of your IT developments.

The main advantage is allowing users to be constantly connected from their cell phones and access information around the globe, creating a space where companies can interact with them in more direct and personalized ways.

Therefore, the incorporation of mobile technologies in IT developments is essential for proposing innovative solutions escaping traditional paradigms.

At Zennovia we focus our developments so that they are available cross-platform (on all devices) through adaptive design architectures.

Some of our developments

Once the development has been accomplished and the project is operational in the productive environments, the productive support stage begins, which is of utmost importance and not always assigned such relevance.

Software maintenance is a broad activity that includes bug fixes, capabilities enhancements, removal of obsolete features and code optimization. Because change is often inevitable, mechanisms must be developed for evaluation, control and performance statistics that allow the positive evolution of the system.

This continuous improvement is based on the premise of giving feedback to the software from the user’s own experience, always seeking high quality and performance in the development of it.

At Zennovia we offer our clients the experience and trajectory of more than 10 years developing software thus we can best cope with the corrections and improvements of the maintenance stage.

We have mastery of the latest technologies and we use them according to the needs of our clients. Each solution is built by experts who are prepared to design flexible and specific architectures according to each need. Our qualified professionals include: